GRANITOFF was established in 1997. In 2003, our company turned into commercial construction firm, making a strong presence in the local market in Kiev. We created a team of natural stone professionals to make commercial and private construction projects from the beginning stage, helping with the stone selection to investors, developers, architects and private clients; producing cut to size natural stones, making installation of the most difficult architectural details and lastly providing the maintenance and stone care service to operating properties.

Today, we import and distribute natural stones directly from Europe and Asia, Brazil and North America. Our company established strong business relationship with the best natural stone suppliers and factories in Italy and Spain, Portugal and Greece, Turkey and Brazil, Germany, India and North America. We have been buying blocks and slabs of more than 250 natural stones from all over the globe, directly from the quarry owners and stone factories, providing the best quality at the most competitive prices.

We invite and welcome existing clients, architects and designers, developers and private builders to visit our new office in the central district of Kiev, right in the heart of historical old town. We can find any color and meet any budget plans to satisfy our clients. For this reason, to diversify our stone collection, we have just started the business with the leading Chinese factories. This year, our company plans on opening a new facility to stock the biggest inventory of natural stones in Ukraine. From expensive onyxes and semiprecious stones from Africa and Asia and up to the beautiful limestone from Germany, France and Turkey, your choice of natural stones in your house or office will bring joy and perfectness to your dream house or prestige office.

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